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Duprass is a science fiction fanzine by Linda Bushyager and Leslie Smith.

Duprass was published in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. in the 1980s.

Featured in the article "Fanzines Cater to Cults like Sci Fi? Skateboards? There's A Magazine For You" from The Daily News of May 4, 1987, Irv Slifkin writes, "Featured in the most recent issue of Duprass is a humorous article called "Never Leave The Straight and Narrow," about getting lost on the way to a sci-fi convention; a long tongue- in-cheek quiz section called "Trivial Zootsuit;" and pages of Loc's "Letters of correspondence" from fans.

Duprass is packed with illustrations and cartoons and, in many ways, will remind readers of The New Yorker - if it was put out by science fiction fanatics.

Quote: "I'll usually work intensely for eight hours a day for two weeks before Duprass goes out. It's really a hobby, although there's lot of work involved. Publishing our own fanzine has lots of rewards, especially the opportunity to express our views, in a humorous way, about science fiction fandom." - co-publisher Linda Bushyager."

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