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Duprass is a science fiction fanzine by Linda Bushyager and Leslie Smith.

Duprass was published in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. in the 1980s.

Featured in the article "Fanzines Cater to Cults like Sci-Fi? Skateboards: There's A Magazine For You" from The Daily News of May 4, 1987, Irv Slifkin writes, "Featured in the most recent issue of Duprass is a humorous article called "Never Leave The Straight and Narrow," about getting lost on the way to a sci-fi convention; a long tongue- in-cheek quiz section called "Trivial Zootsuit;" and pages of Loc's Letters of correspondence" from fans.

Duprass is packed with illustrations and cartoons and, in many ways, will remind readers of The New Yorker - if it was put out by science fiction fanatics.

Quote: "I'll usually work intensely for eight hours a day for two weeks before Duprass goes out. It's really a hobby, although there's lot of work involved. Publishing our own fanzine has lots of rewards, especially the opportunity to express our views, in a humorous way, about science fiction fandom." - co-publisher Linda Bushyager."