Dry Pocket To Piss In

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Dry Pocket

Dry Pocket To Piss In is a one shot zine by Stevec Bones and published in Richmond, Indiana, U.S.A.

Dry Pocket To Piss In is a cut and paste queer punk zine published in the early 1990's. Featured in the zine are stories, fiction, drawings, a Babysue comic, and article courtesy the Free Speech legal Defense Fund, two pages of self-defense moves, an article by a gentleman who was 'fag-bashed' by seven guys in the middle of the day, Lesbian Vampires, a collection of articles about Catholic Priests who have molested children and the reactions to these scandals, the ethics of eating burgers at McDonalds, erotic fiction, and lots of photos of Mohawk-wearing punks.

Contributors include U. Bogislav, Christy C., Jon Dough, D.A. Beast, Liz Jones, Lisa L., LMNOP, and Damik X.