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DrunkenWerewolf Magazine was formed by previous and current writers of Bored Youth, Wears The Trousers and Bizarre Prostitute, who all follow the desire to promote genuine talent in the musical world; consequently it focuses on new and influential artists whom, for one reason or another, do not get widespread attention in the published press. Although the journalists are their own person, and therefore justifiably support different genres, the content leans towards folk and acoustic. Although the magazine primarily covers musicians, it also features and reviews comedians, plays, novels and art work; its continuous running theme is the celebration of innovative, progressive and experimental ideas.

<img src="http://a148.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/122/m_bafab4b92dc520b0865f29aae3b098fb.jpg">

Although based in Bristol, UK, the contributing writers can be found across the globe; notably in Sydney, Toronto, Phoenix City, Los Angeles, Helsinki, Berlin, Paris and Dublin.

The first issue, released on July 1st 2007, features interviews with Edinburgh born [1]Kat Flint, Brighton based [2]Frank Turner, Londoners [3]Art Brut, the Canadian band [4]Oh Bijou, Greeks [5]Victory Collapse, and [6]Harry & The Potters and [7]UggaMugga of America. It also covered the last [8]Ashton Court Festival, Unearthly Pleasures in Manchester and the Finnish music scene; artwork by [9]Olo Worms' Boonbeans and [10]Neon Skulls and photography by [11]Andy Farrell. For the second issue, the team have already seccured interviews with [12]Bishop Allen, [13]Rhysmix, [14]Betty and the Werewolves, Bis' [15]Manda Rin and [16]House Of Brothers, amongst others.