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Dissension was started in December 2007 by Persephone Pomegranate.

The zine is published in Colorado, U.S.A., and ranges in topics from veganism, anarchism, and general activism. Both versions contain quite a bit of art as well as some poetry and music. Highly inspired by the Riot Grrrl scene, the Dissension zine is feminist oriented.

Dissension is no longer in print and no longer being created.


  • Issue 1: Half Page Format - 18 pages

In this issue: An introduction to me and the zine; A feminist's view of pornography; Panic attacks - A walkthrough; Anti-feminist bingo; Art - Line Art, Bee Society, Geishas, Art and Meaning; The connection between veganism, feminism, environmentalism, and anarchy

  • Issue 2: Half Page Format - 22 pages

In this issue: Body Hair; Riot Grrl’s Effect on my Body Image; Eating Disorders; Menstruation and Shame; Body Acceptance Art - The Original Women Series; Veganism and Body Image; The Human Variation Project



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