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Revision as of 15:11, 22 September 2007 by Carrot (Talk | contribs) (Dirt & Cheese is adventure travel stories from the far north and across the country on freight trains, it is written by a queer young romantic by the name of Carrot (krot).)

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Dirt & Cheese Zine is adventure travel stories, it is dense, readable and addictive, it is written by a train-hopping, wanderlust-ridden young gender-fluid fellow by the name of Carrot (Krot).

Dirt & Cheese #1 spans several years and contains stories of cannery work in Alaska, Carrot's first long solo train ride across the hot middle part of the country, and tales of a dirt-poor childhood with a schizophrenic mother in the far north, and also stories from New Orleans after the flood.

Dirt & Cheese #2 spans just one year! And has stories or working on wingnut farms in Alaska, adopting a cream-colored husky with a sorrowful howl, winter train riding with a cream-colored husky wearing a bright red pack, eating roadkill in northern BC, life in beautiful Greensboro, NC, where the queers all play in a marching band and they are the Most Genuine People On The Face Of The Planet, calling one's long-lost schizophrenic mother and plenty of big epiphanies about life and wanderlust and a purposeful existence.

There is a lovely and heart-felt review of this zine in the most recent (and last) issue of punk planet.

There are two issues, #1 and #2, with a third coming out winter of 2007/08. This zine is available at Reading Frenzy in Portland, OR, and through the Multnomah County Library, and from www.Powells.com, or through the zine's MYSPACE PAGE- myspace.com/dirtandcheese