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Issue 3 July 1954
Cover art by Margaret Dominick (DEA)

Deviant was a science fiction fanzine by Carol McKinney.

Deviant was published in Provo, Utah, U.S.A. in the 1950s. The third issue appeared July 1954.

The fourth issue appeared in December 1954 and included the short-short story, "Vista," by Harlan Ellison (Science Fantasy Bulletin); Richard Geis with an article, " Psychotic And Me," a detailed look at the first four issues of his legendary fanzine; Dorothy Hansen with "Cities of the Atom," an article looking at the various US cities in which atomic research and/or development is being performed; Margaret Dominick (known as "DEA" for her fanzine art) with a brief autobiography; Terry Carr (Innuendo) with a couple pages of "Face Critturs," a cartoon presentation; Bill Venable (The Pendulum) with "Talking or Doing," an article about these two approaches to life's activities; Des Emery with "The Vivisectionist," a fanzine review column; "Spaceships" by Celia Block, illustrating various designs she carries in her head; and poems by H. Maxwell and Earle Franklin Baker.

Letters came from Redd Boggs (Sky Hook), Howard Lyons (Ibidem, Hard Lines), Sam Johnson, William Knapheide, G. M. Carr (Cry of the Nameless), Gerald Steward (Canadian Fandom, Gasp!) and Ron Ellik.

Artwork was contributed by Terry Carr, Margaret Dominick (DEA), and Ian T. Macaulay (Cosmag).

Peter J. Vorzimer, writing in Abstract #9, calls it "A very fine magazine".

The Fancyclopedia lists Carol McKinney as a member of The Fannettes, an all-woman science fiction club that also published its own fanzine The Femizine in the 1950s. She also contributed to fanzines of the day such as Destiny and Peon, and wrote to the science fiction pulp magazines such as Dynamic Science Fiction, Planet Stories and Startling Stories, later quoted by John Foyster for his article "The Science Fiction Magazine in 1953 (Part 1)" for the March 2002 issue of eFNAC # 20.

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