Destroying Angels

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Destroying Angels fanzine is an underground art zine edited by Dennis Dread.

Dennis Dread's DESTROYING ANGELS has celebrated and supported the invisible empire of renegade artists and great "lost" art in all its unsung glory since 1998. DESTROYING ANGELS hails both the established forefathers of the underground art movement as well as the lesser known soldiers battling in the trenches of obscurity. In the tradition of true D.I.Y. fanzines, DESTROYING ANGELS is written, cut & pasted, copied, collated, and mailed by one art-possessed individual for no profit. This is purely a labor of love, published approximately once every year. But make no mistake, DESTROYING ANGELS is not purposefully "old school" or "nostalgic". There is no age more desperately in need of the soulful nuances of hand-wrought art than the present and no day more ripe for the arrival of REAL underground art! Beware...

po box 40667 portland, oregon 97240-0667