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Deprived is a Metal music zine covering Black Metal, Doom Metal, Norweigan Metal, and some of Metal's more esoteric offshoots.

  • Issue 1

Interviewed bands : Fifth Dominion, Morphosis, Thus Defiled

  • Issue 2

Interviewed bands : Afterlife, Anathema, Anthropomancy, Catacomb, Cenotaph, Corpse Candle, Cradle of Filth, Crypt of Kerberos, Cruachan, Disabled, Exomortis, My Dying Bride, Oxyrius, Primordial, Sad Whisperings, Salem Justice, Solemn Assembly, Synapse, Thy Sinister Bloom, Traumatized

  • Issue 3

Interviewed bands : Benefits Forgot, Burzum, Cernunnos, Dark White, Darkthrone, December Moon, Desecration, Esoteric, Ever Dark, Fifth Dominion, Fleurety, Immolation, In The Woods..., Inverted, Malevolence, Morphosis, Putrefy, Terrorizer magazine

  • Issue 4

Interviewed bands : Abaddon Incarnate, Cannibal Corpse, Waylander

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