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* [[Fuck]]
* [[Fuck]]
* [[Temp Slave!]]
* [[Temp Slave!]]
* [[Angry Young Woman]]
==External Links==
==External Links==

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Debbie Goad (born Debra Susan Rosalie) was originally from Brooklyn, New York and was born in 1954.

She co-published ANSWER Me! with her then-husband Jim Goad. Debbie also contributed to zines such as Fuck and Temp Slave! and was interviewed for a number of zines, including Bleeding Swans and Second Guess. Her writing was marked by pervasive anger and depression.

In June 1997 Debbie Goad was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Later that year, she split with Jim and accused him of daily physical abuse. She later revised and recanted these accusations. The couple later divorced. In 2000, Debbie died of ovarian cancer at the age of 46.



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