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Subtitled "The Gate Where Horror Begins", Deathrealm is a literary horror zine edited by Stephen Mark Rainey.

Deathrealm was published from 1987 till 1997. Issues 1 through 17 were independently published by Rainey, Issues 18-22 by Tal Publications, and issues 23-31 by Malicious Press. It featured horror fiction, poetry, artwork and columns by writers such as D.F. Lewis.

Contributors of writing included Paul Dale Anderson, Fred Chappell, Douglas Clegg, Mary Elizabeth Counselman, Colleen Drippe, Margaret Frastley, Joey Froelich, Charlee Jacob, William F. Nolan, Jeffrey Osier, Wilum Pugmire, William Rassmussen, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Ed Shannon, David Starkey. Manly Wade Wellman, J. N. Williamson, and David Niall Wilson.

Contributors of art work included Richard Corben, Alan M. Clarke, Mark Rainey, and Marge Simon.

Covers were by Jeffrey Osier, Ian McDowell, and Mark Rainey.[[Category:Literary Zine