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David L Tamarin




Films I have appeared in:

Prison of the Psychotic Damned The Gateway Meat (not yet released)


Let Them Eat Snuff (www.meathookpress.com)

self-published books (both are double novellas with Jason Rogers featuring short story collections by me:

Peachy Like Nietzsche: Dark Clown Porn Snuff for Terrorists and Gorefiends

Superhero Stenchfest (featuring Baby in a Blender by me)

I have been published in: Verbicide; Red Scream; Insidious Reflections (winner, 50 words or less Gross Out contest; Sinfully Twisted; Twisted Dreams; Chimeraworld 2; Chimeraworld 3; GOREmet cuiSINe; CyberPulp's Halloween 3.0 anthology; Purpleverse; Trail of Indiscretion; Night to Dawn; Escaping Elsewhere; Theatre of Decay; Scars; Project Contagion Volume 1; Ethereal Gazette

E-zines: too many to mention but including: The Dream People; Bust Down the Doors and Eat all the Chickens; corpsef**k; Girls and Corpses; Justus Roux; Logical-Lust; alt.sex.stories (in the Mind Control section); Wicked Karnival; deathbus; bloodcookies; The Unholy Biscuit; Wretched and Violent; Cherry Bleeds; Gothic Fairy Tales; Whispers of Wickedness; Really Scary; TrumpZero; MySpace Book Club; stabbed tortured and dismembered; DemonMinds

Legal Articles:

Getting Away with Torture: Why America's Prisons are 'Animal Factories'

Mandatory Drug Sentencing Ultimately Costs the Taxpayer

My book 'Peachy' has been reviewed at Whispers of Wickedness

"The rising star of horrific humor" -Elizabeth Massie, author of Wire Mesh Mothers, Sineater and more

Quote: "The Devil put a cookie in my mouth"- convicted serial killer and cannibal Gary Heidnik

"All writing is pigs**t"- Antonin Artaud


Say you love Satan

aka snuffsplatter

aka da7id

Notable Achievements:

My story "Snack" made someone vomit

My friend's housemates told him not to allow me into the house after reading "Hurting My Toys"

A review on Amazon.com compared "Hurting My Toys" to American Psycho

"Hurting My Toys" made someone cry

Someone read "Hurting My Toys" and wondered if I was an actual serial killer