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David L Tamarin is an actor and zine writer.

Tamarin has published a number of books, including Peachy and the 'e-Book' Let Then Eat Snuff. Peachy was reviewed at Whispers of Wickedness. Elizabeth Massey, author of Wire Mesh Mothers and Sineater called Tamarin, "The rising star of horrific humor". Peachy was a double novella with Jason Rogers featuring short story collections, as was Superhero Stenchfest.

As well, he has contributed to a number of zines and a vast number of ezines, including The Dream People; Bust Down the Doors and Eat All the Chickens; corpsef**k; Girls and Corpses; Justus Roux; Logical Lust; alt-sex.stories (Mind Control section); Wicked Carnival; deathbus; bloodcookies; The Unholy Biscuit; Wretched and Violent; Cherry Bleeds; Gothic Fairy Tales; Whispers of Wickedness; Really Scary; TrumpZero; stabbed tortured and dismembered; and Demon Minds.

He has also appeared in horror films.


  • Peachy
  • Peachy Like Nietzsche:Dark Clown Porn Stuff for Terrorists and Gorefiends
  • Superhero Stenchfest


  • Let Them Eat Snuff (www.meathookpress.com)

Contributions to Zines

Legal Articles

  • Getting Away with Torture: Why America's Prisons are 'Animal Factories'
  • Mandatory Drug Sentencing Ultimately Costs the Taxpayer


  • Prison of the Psychotic
  • Damned
  • The Gateway Meat


  • dltamarin@htomail.com
  • dltamarin@gmail.com

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