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Data Dump is a fanzine by British zine editor and writer Steve Sneyd.

Data Dump is subtitled "A Newsletter of SF Poetry", and is published in the UK. Running over 100 issues as of 2007, it spotlights sf poetry, news, and reviews. It is notable for its very tiny handwritten script.

Of particular interest to Data Dump is the sf poetry published in science fiction fanzines from the 1930s to the present day. As well, writers such as Janet Fox (Scavenger's Newsletter), H. P. Lovecraft, and Henry Martinsson are looked at. And poetry as reflected in song lyrics, particularly those of a sf persuasion stretching from popular music to opera are also considered.

Contributors have included Cardinal Cox, A.C. Evans, John Hertz, Russell Jones, and Drew Morse, with letters from D.F. Lewis.

Steve Sneyd is also the poetry editor of Fantasy Commentator.

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