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Dangeresque #1

Dangeresque is a zine written by Sarah of Richmond, VA, who formerly ran Screamqueen Distro and the the LiveJournal community, Distrokids. Dangeresque was created in 2004 because Sarah felt that there were not too many zines around at the time that covered film or pop culture, and because she really did not want to write a perzine. She claims at the end of the first issue that because she is a nerd and is terrible with coming up with names for her projects, she named the zine after the character in the Strong Bad e-mails at homestarrunner.com.

In 2007, Sarah changed the name of her zine from Dangeresque to Academy Ratio.


Dangeresque #1 was published in April 2004 and contained essays about the films Secretary, 28 Days Later, and The Shining along with a reprint of Sarah's Sociology research paper on Riot Grrrl. There is also the usual reading lists and playlists seen in most zines. The paper on Riot Grrrl is also featured on grrrlzines.net. Dangeresque #1 was a part of an exhibit at the Baltimore Museum of Art in November 2004 called "Dark Matter". This issue can currently only be found at Gigglebot Distro.

Dangeresque #2 was published in late March 2006 and was purposefully more personal and anecdotal than the first issue. Featured is an (unsent) letter to the actress Michelle Williams, a somewhat lengthy article on Quentin Tarantino and Sarah's time in film school, and two more articles: one on the band Pavement and Sarah's early exposures to D.I.Y. and the second about the television show Mystery Science Theater 3000. According to Sarah's general descriptions of the zine there are also "Cameo appearances are made by my early quarter-life crisis, unschooling/uncollegeing, the small town I grew up in, and Sassy Magazine, among other things; and my hatred for Kevin Williamson, James Van Der Beek, and overzealous fans of the film version of Fight Club." This issue is only available through Sweet Candy Distro, Gigglebot Distro, and Parcell Press.