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*[http://www.brickmania.com/Gallery2/war/ Lego military models by Dan Siskind]
*[http://www.brickmania.com/Gallery2/war/ Lego military models by Dan Siskind]
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Dan Siskind is a founding member of the Profane Existence (P.E.) collective, and editor of the long-running anarcho-punk zine Profane Existence. In early issues of Profane Existence, he is credited as "Troll."

Prior to Profane Existence, Siskind was the editor of Minneapolis Alternative Scene (M.A.S.). From 1991-1993, he sang and played bass for the Minneapolis punk band Pissed. Siskind later became a vocalist for Disrespect.

In 1992, Siskind co-founded the Emma Goldman Anarchist Center. He later helped to form Extreme Noise Records, an all-volunteer, all-punk record store.

A well-known figure in the anarcho-punk scene, Siskind is also the creator of custom models.

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