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Dan Morris (aka d. morris) is the mini-comic artist behind the gremlin mini-comic series. He is also a member of the Danger Park comics collective. Dan started making mini-comics in high school where he was co-editor of the short lived zine/mini comic "magazine" Strange Creation with fellow classmate Wil Roberts. After several years of not making comics, Dan started doing comics again with his mini-comic anthology series gremlin (named for a movie which he was obsessed with as a kid but didn't see until he was in his teens). He has also contributed comics to the anthologies Shiot Crock 11 and Subterranean Comics #-2 (with frequent collaborator Michael Muller). He is also known to have a sketchbook he takes with him to conventions where he gets artists to draw Godzilla for him. Morris splits living between classes at Savannah College of Art and Design and Charlotte, NC.


Dan Morris's blog; http://d-morris.livejournal.com/