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Dan Morris (aka d. morris) is the mini-comic artist behind the gremlin mini-comic series. He is also a member of the Danger Park comics collective. Dan started making mini-comics in high school where he was co-editor of the short lived zine/mini comic "magazine" Strange Creation with fellow classmate Wil Roberts. After several years of not making comics, Dan started doing comics again with his mini-comic anthology series gremlin (named for a movie which he was obsessed with as a kid but didn't see until he was in his teens). He has also contributed comics to the anthologies Shiot Crock 11 and Subterranean Comics #-2 (with frequent collaborator Michael Muller). He is also known to have a sketchbook he takes with him to conventions where he gets artists to draw Godzilla for him.


Dan Morris's blog; [1]