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Dan Halligan (AKA Dan 10 Things) is a writer and publisher living in Seattle, WA. He published the now-defunct zine 10 Things Jesus Wants You To Know. Later, he created the alternative publication Tablet, which has also ceased publication.

Halligan began writing in the late 1980s for the punk zine Maximum Rock 'N' Roll before starting his own fanzine in 1991. He has contributed to many other fanzines and has run or participated in dozens of zine panels, readings and workshops promoting zines and self-publishing, working with Rock the Vote, 1996's Kill Zinesters Tour, Seattle's Center On Contemporary Arts, Northwest Bookfest, the Seattle Public Libraries, Bumbershoot, and the Zine Archive and Publishing Project. He has donated large zine collections to both the Experience Music Project and Zine Archive and Publishing Project.

The electronic version of 10 Things was one of the earliest e-zines, garnering Halligan a front page feature on early e-zines in the Philidelpha Enquirer (08/02/95) and inclusion in Martha Gill’s book for the Webworks series "E-Zines: Exploring Online Magazines" (2000). His "Punk Parents" article from 10 Things was featured in the fifth issue of the Zine Yearbook in 2000 and he's been interviewed in Punk Planet, Fucktooth and many other zines.

In October 2000, Halligan and friends launched Tablet, a Northwest arts and music magazine. In the Utne Reader's 2001 Alternative Press Awards, Tablet won the Reader's Choice award for "Best New Title." Tablet folded in September 2005 after its 103rd issue.

Currently Dan Halligan resides in Seattle, WA, is a manager in a library, freelances occasionally for larger music zines, collects '80s pinball and arcade games, and is writing a book about zine publishing in Seattle during its music explosion in the 1990s. He maintains a presence on alt.zines and other online zine communities.

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