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Cybervision was a cyberpunk zine published by Kid Thalidomide (Eric Generic) and Saint Vitus. Unlike other "cyberpunk" zines, Cybervision was firmly rooted in both the hacker community and the punk subculture. It was published in St. Paul, Minnesota in the early 1990s.

Arriving just prior to the advent of the World Wide Web, Cybervision set out to create its own unique subculture, combining interviews with luminaries like cartoonist Tom Tomorrow and cyberpunk author William Gibson with instructions for making spiked wrist bands out of bicycle inner tubes and embedding razorblades in mohawks to prevent an attacker from grabbing them in a fight. Peppered with Dadaist aesthetics and Situationist language, many articles walked a fine line between techno-anarchist propaganda and tongue-in-cheek parody of the media's extremist portrayals of the punk and emerging hacker subcultures. This reached its apex in a local alt-weekly's cover story on Eric Generic and St. Vitus.

Eric Generic went on to co-publish a one-shot punk zine called Garageland with Spike Mayonnaise, and featured contributor Felix von Havoc, Profane Existence columnist.