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Cyber-Psychos AOD was a small press publication edited and published by Jasmine Sailing.

Cyber-Psychos AOD ran from 1992 till 2001, and nine issues were released during that time. Each issue featured interviews, essays, articles, band and artist profiles, fiction, illustrations, and reviews.

The first issue featured cover art by Brian Cooper, artist profile of Gordon Klock; band profile of Futura Ultima Erotica; interviews with Martin Atkins, Pigface, Joel Haertling, and Architect's Office.

Issue 2 also featured cover art by Brian Cooper; artist profile of Voodoo; interviews with Godflesh, The Electric Hellfire Club, Rhys Fulber, Pamela Z., and The Cutthroat Empire; and an editorial was by Bob Larson.

Issue 3, 1993, featured cover art by Gordon Klock; artist profile on Will Anders; interviews with Crash Worship, Pigface, Thomas Steenland, Nick Zess, and Edward Lee.

Issue 4, 1993, featured cover art by Gordon Klock; artist profile of Chris Yardley; interviews with t. Winter-Damon, Lucy Taylor, G.X. Jupiter-Larsen, Type O Negative, and Sofahead.

Articles were by S. Darnbrook Colson, Jim Bob Cook, t. Winter-damon, Y. Von Faust, John E. Graves III, Arkoff Kapacitor, Edward Lee, Michael Jenkins Moynihan, jasmone Sailing, Paul Schiola, Christie Sohnholz, and Bruce Young.

Fiction was by S. Darnbrook Colson, Brian Cooper, t. Winter-Damon, C.S. Fuqua, Gregory R. Hyde, D.F. Lewis (Nemonymous), Jacie Marsh, Kurt Newton, Jeffrey A. Stadt, and Richard Wilber.

Poetry was by Richard Gess.

Illustrators included Will Anders, A. Bele, Kay Cochran, Kim Colson, Brian Cooper, t. Winter-Damon, Gordon Klock, N.Tro.P., Alan Smith, Voodoo, and Jason D. Waikes.