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[]-Lola's Homebase
[]-Lola's Homebase
[[Category:Zine|Cupcake Revelations]] [[Category:2000's Publications]]
[[Category:Zine|Cupcake Revelations]] [[Category:2000's publications]]

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Cupcake Revelations is a zine by long time zinester and writer Lola Batling.

In high school Lola Batling published Misspent Youth. Lola Batling started Cupcake Revelations in 2008, after a 4 years hiatus, during which time she wrote her first novel Sweet Angel, Suicide Kiss, as well as a podcast Manga, Sex, Food & Gaming with her husband Jak Banjo. Cupcake Revelations is a zine about Lola's world view, which often features music, fan fiction drabbles, and the comic Cthulhu Knows Best

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