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==External Links==
==External Links==
*[http://www.epberglund.com/RGttCM/nightscapes/NS06/ns6rev.htm#overview Overview of ''Cthulhu Cultus'' by Jame Ambuehl]
*[http://www.epberglund.com/RGttCM/nightscapes/NS06/ns6rev.htm#overview Overview of ''Cthulhu Cultus'' by Jame Ambuehl]
*[http://eodagon23.byethost24.com/eoDagon23/trip_to_innsmouth/pages/t-innsmouth-01.html The Editors of Cthulhu Cultus take a trip to Innsmouth]
*[http://eodagon23.byethost24.com/eoDagon23/trip_to_innsmouth/pages/t-innsmouth-01.html The Editors of ''Cthulhu Cultus'' take a trip to Innsmouth]

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Cthulhu Cultus, Issue 4, 1996

Cthulhu Cultus was a fanzine published by Philip Marsh and Tani Jantsang. The Associate Editor was James Ambuehl.

Cthulhu Cultus was published in Florida, U.S.A. The first issue appeared in 1995. It was devoted to weird, supernatural and horror fiction and poetry with an emphasis on H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.

Contributors included James Ambuehl, Kenneth J. Beattle, Robert Bee, R.D. Bookout, Crispin Burnham, R. S. Cartwright, Lee Clark, Jason Gridley, Peter F. Guenther, Tani Jantsang, J.W. Kelley, D.F. Lewis, Philip Marsh, Andy Nunez, Brian Nutter, Duane Pesice, Robert M. Price, Joseph S. Pulver (Midnight Shambler), P.J. Roberts, Ron Shiflet, G.W.Thomas and Peter A. Worthy.

Illustrations were done by T. Marsh.

Eighteen issues of Cthulhu Cultus appeared, the last one in 2001.

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