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Coup was a science fiction fanzine published by Dave Mason for the 'Coup Group'.

'Coup' was a mimeographed fanzine with a silk screened cover in multiple colors.

Contributors of writing included Dan Curran, Dick Ellington (Metrofan, The Bosses' Songbook).

'Coup' was subtitled 'The Voice of Fanarchy', and was written mainly by a group calling themselves the "Fanarchists". Charles Freudenthal, in el, Vol. 2 # 1 (January 2003), describes the group; "The perps were Dave Mason, Dick Ellington, Dan Curran (at that time 16 but looking like a dissipated 30), myself, and miscellaneous others. On the dilapidated couch a rangy young man with hair falling over his eyes was singing the blues and accompanying himself on the guitar. I resented the racket because I thought he sounded amateurish. His name was Dave Van Ronk. Dave Mason was always somewhat wild and scruffy looking. (Pronouncedly Welsh. He once inadvertently, told me his real name but I have forgotten it! ) He later became a successful science-fantasy writer. The only Fanarchist meeting I remember was in Mason's basement flat in lower Manhattan. I don't recall any business. It was really a party."

Letters came from Norman Browne (Filler, Vanations), Richard Geis, Jan Jansen (Alpha), Ian Macauley (Cosmag), and Frank Paro.