Conscious Defect

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Conscious Defect is a zine centered on travel, petty crime, and hostile encounters with store owners and other members of society. It's written by vegan straight-edge editor, spydr. He describes the writing style by saying, "I've read too many zines that put me to sleep - too fucking emo or written like they're for some high school English class. So basically, I just try to cut out all the boring crap. Oh, and I never write poetry. Poetry sucks."

The zine started during the summer of 2006. According to spydr, "It was conceived while hitch hiking from an on-ramp in Springfield Illinois. My travel partner said I should write a zine about what we were doing. So I did."

There are currently seven Conscious Defect zines. The third and fourth zines are co-written with Scamma Jake.

After the second zine, the series becomes non-chronological. Some taking place before or after the previous numbered zine.

All official copies of Conscious Defect have been created using copy scams. According to spydr, "I've never paid for any of these zines. And I never will." The zines also remain free for anyone ordering directly from spydr.