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Confusion was a science fiction fanzine by Shelby Vick.

Confusion was first released in November of 1951 and in between that date and February of 1954, 16 issues were published. The zine ceased publication for 51 years, returning in September of 2005 as an ezine with a slight variation on the name, now calledconfuSon, but still published by Shelby Vick.

During the first run of the fanzine Vick had contributions from writers such as Cal Beck, Greg Calkins, Rory Faulkner, JL Green, Dave Hammond, Lee Hoffman (Quandry), Vernon L. McCain, Bob Shaw and Walt Willis (Slant).

Poetry was contributed by Greg Calkins, Isabelle Dinwiddle, Yoby Duane, Paul Enevers, R.H. Orrey, Russell Watkins and Charles Wells.

Art was contributed by Richard Bergeron (Warhoon), Dean Grennell, Bob McMillan, Orville W. Mosher, Naaman Peterson, Shelby Vick and Char Wells.

Notable issues are #12, which celebrated the success of Shelby Vick's campaign to bring Irish fanzine editor Walt Willis to the United States, and #16 with a play by Bill Morse and Terry Wright and an article on numbered fandom by Bob Silverberg (Spaceship).

Confusion was an ambitious fanzine and included details such the feature "Up Our Sleeve". in which a mandarin's sleeve can be pulled back to reveal such surprises as a multi-coloured and carefully folded fan in issue 1, and pop-up hands in issue 11.