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[[Image:COMPAct3_copy.jpg‎|right|frame|'''Compact'''<br>Issue 3 December 1963<br>Cover art by [[Arthur Thomson|ATom]]]]
'''Compact''' was a science fiction fanzine by [[Ella Parker]].
'''Compact''' was a science fiction fanzine by [[Ella Parker]].

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Issue 3 December 1963
Cover art by ATom

Compact was a science fiction fanzine by Ella Parker.

Compact was published in the UK for the Offtrails Magazine Publishers Association. Four issues were released; the first in March 1963, the second in June, followed by the third in December of the same year. The fourth and final issue appeared in June 1964.

Covers and interior illustrations were contributed by Arthur Thomson.

Ella Parker had previously published 29 issues of the fanzine Orion, as well as the Arthur Thomson (ATom) anthology The ATom Anthology, and was one of the many ever-changing co-editors of Vector.