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Comic Trash
Issue 9

Comic Trash was an longrunning "artcore-zine", published by a collective (Holly, Fredy, Flori, Janosh and Boris Karloff) from Osnabrück, Germany.

The first issue of Comic Trash was published in 1987. Eleven issues of Comic Trash were published throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Starting with issue 5 there was an oversize folded poster laid in.

"Hard punk zine "Comic Trash" presents a lot of violent & subversive drawings. Some texts are written in English." (Metro Riquet #7 about Comic Trash #3)
"This is more graphic arts than comics, though the styles vary a bit. Mostly a very punk look (indeed, some of these strips other cheerful things, as well as alienting buildings. Quite stunning, with the captions in a mix of German and English. (Factsheet Five #31 about Comic Trash #4)

Contributing artists to the first issue included Holly!?!, Fredy, Janosh, Boris Karloff, Schirbi and Super Stefan.

Issue numer 9 featured a cover by Marcel Ruijters, and work by CTT, DAnilo, Janosh, Sunshine, Van Doren, Fritte, Trks.Tapes.Grafix, Jeff Gaither, Mark Dancey, Fredy, Katha (Acid Mouse), Thomas Zydek (Schwarzmarkt Comix), Thierry Gayrard, Moke, Jan and Flori!.

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