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'''Clementine Cannibal''' is a [[zinester]], musician, and writer living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
She writes the [[perzine]] [[Licking Stars Off Ceilings]], the [[fiction zine]] [[The Furies]] and edits the [[compzine]] [[I Knew a Motherfucker Like You and She Said ...]].
Clementine's previous zines include [[Saliva Girl]], [[Persephone's Passion]], and [[She Breathes]]. 
==Contact information==
Shoppers World Postal Outlet<br>
3003 Danforth Ave<br>
PO Box 93540<br>
Toronto, ON, Canada<br>
M4C 5R2
==External link==
* [http://www.clementinecannibal.com Clementine Cannibal homepage]
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