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Issue 6
Spring 1972
Cover by Mike Presley

Citadel was a science fiction and fantasy zine from the 1970s edited and published by George and Lana Proctor out of Arlington (and later Grand Prairie), Texas, U.S.A.

At least six issues appeared.

The second issue (Spring 1971) featured articles by Don R. Powell, Steven Utley and Howard Waldrop, a comic strip by Buddy Saunders, and interior illustrations by Glen Brock, Kevin Crawford, Alexis Gilliland, Jerry Mayes, George Proctor, Buddy Saunders, Steven Utley, Raymond B.W. Wong, and Grahan Wyatt. Cover art was by Jerry Mayes.

The third issue (Summer 1971) featured prose by D. Bruce Berry, Thomas D. Clareson, Steven R. Miller, George Proctor, Steven Utley, and Harry Warner, Jr. (Horizons). Interior illustrations were by D. Bruce Berry, Tim Kirk, Dan Osterman, George Proctor, William Rotsler, Barry Saunders, Charlie Smith, Bob Stahl, Michael Teruya, and Steven Utley. Cover art was by D. Bruce Berry.

The sixth issue (Spring 1972) featured prose by Alexander Andoverhause, D. Bruce Berry, Mike Glicksohn (Energumen), Hal Crawford, Steven R. Miller, George Proctor, Darrell Schweitzer, and Steven Utley. Interior illustrations were by Darrell Anderson, Randy Bathurst, D. Bruce Berry, David Birdsong, Hal Crawford, Mark Gelotte, Steve Goble, Jim Hjort, Dave Locke (Awry), Greg Mabra, Dan Osterman, George Proctor, Don Ivan Punchatz, Gary John Reynolds, and Dave Taylor. Cover art was by Mike Presley.