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Chunga is a science fiction fanzine edited by Andy Hooper, Randy Byers and Carl Juarez.

The first issue appeared in 2002. Chunga has won the FAAn Award for Best Fanzine three times; in 2003, 2005, and 2006.

Contributors of artwork included Edd Cartier, Kurt Erichsen, Ken Fletcher, MB Fletcher, Brad Foster, Sharee Carton, Alexis Gilliland, Jeanne Gomoll (Janus), Ian Gunn, Don Helley, Bill Kunkel (Rats!), Sue Mason, Ulrika O'Brien, Bill Rotsler, Marc Schirmeister, Stu Shiffman, Craig Smith, Dan Steffan (Boonfark), D. West.

Photos were contributed by Randy Byers, David Cake, Carl Juarez and Luke McGuff.

Contributors of writing include James Bacon (Journey Planet), Tom Becker, Gregory Benford (Void), Richard Brandt, Claire Brialey (Banana Wings), Sharee Carton, Graham Charnock, Rich Coad, Lilian Edwards (Gloss, This Never Happens), Chris Garcia (The Drink Tank), John Hertz (Vanamonde), Dave Hicks, Lucy Huntzinger (Dear Rude Bitch), Christina Lake (Head, This Never Happens), Dave Langford (Ansible), Max, Luke McGuff, Joseph Nicholas (Vector), Hal O'Brien, Ulrika O'Brien, Lesley Reece, Stu Shiffman, and Art Widner (Spacewarp).

Letters came from Ron Bennett (Ploy, Skyrack), William Breiding (Star Fire), Alexis Gilliland, Mike Glicksohn (Energumen), Rob Holdstock (Macrocosm), Mike Meara, Lloyd Penney (Torus), John Purcell (Askance), Dale Speirs (Opuntia), Shelby Vick (Confusion), and Frank Wu.

Chunga is available as a PDF on

Randy Byers and Andy Hooper were also Associate Editors of Science Fiction Five Yearly.