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Chuch Cover art by Rob Hansen (caption: "Loose Lips Spread Quips") 1986

Chuch was a science fiction fanzine by Avedon Carol and Rob Hansen.

Chuch appeared in 1986 and was published in the UK. It was a one shot fanzine of 22 pages, Quatro size. Rob Hanson had previously edited Epsilon, which won the Nova Award for Best Fanzine in 1982.

Contributions to Chuch included work by Jeanne Gommol (Janus); "Our Lady of Pain" by Dave Langford (Ansible); "Thank You, Girls", Christopher Priest's account of meeting two girls who dragged him and a friend to Liverpool to see The Beatles play at The Cavern in 1962; and work by Patrick Nielsen Hayden (Izzard).

Art work was by Rob Hansen.

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