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*[[In A Prior Lifetime]]
*[[other Magazine]]
*[[other Magazine]]

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Chris Garcia tends bar at the 2007 Silicon (from The Drink Tank #146)

Christopher J. Garcia (October 21st, 1974 - ) is an editor, fan writer and LetterHack from Santa Clara, CA. He edits The Drink Tank, Claims Department and L*I*S*P*, and co-edits Science Fiction / San Francisco with Jean Martin.

Garcia writes for many different zines edited by others, including Dave Burton's Pixel, Arnie Katz's Vegas Fandom Weekly and other Magazine. He wrote and edited several very small zines in the 1990s, including YANKspot and Stacked Decks.

Garcia is a member of several Amateur Press Associations, including the Fantasy Amateur Press Association (FAPA), the Southern Nevada Amateur Press Society (SNAPS), eAPA, and the Australia New Zealand Amateur Press Association (ANZAPA) and is a former member of The Everlasting Club.

Garcia also maintains the BArea Fanzine Archive which features hundreds of science fiction fanzines from around the world.



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