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Chic Alors was established in 1997 following a wave of 'teen-c' zines. currently on issue 18, the past few issues have had themes, such as the heffer issue, the anti-love issue, on the cheap... over the last ten years Chic Alors has featured interviews with the likes of hidden cameras, the gossip, scissor sisters, gravy train, motormark, lesbians on ecstacy, scream club, hawnay troof, toxic lipstick, the organ, tender forever, the research, idlewild, subcircus, bis, the pecadiloes, muse, llama farmers, seafood, symposium, the beekeepers, and quite a few other than i cant remember. it is still going today and mixes indie band interviews with personal takes on queer culture. the issue under construction is 'the hipster issue' contact for more info