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"CHIAROSCURO has been published in the slc, ut area since november of 2002. Despite the odds it was published monthly for an incredible 13 months! At which point it got it's first taste of international fame when Tony's minions were interviewed by a local alt-monthly, that was the last time anybody gave a fuck about CHIAROSCURO. Since then 14 more issues of CHIAROSCURO have been published!"

CHIAROSCURO is supposedly edited by a mysterious figure known as Tony and the vast majority of it's contents are created by his two minions: "Eric Blair" and another person who changes his pen name nearly every issue, he has often refered to himself as "Hacim Mortsmlam." Tony, the editor, is also the first prophet of MotherCat - the godlike figure of the "y-not" religion which is often mentioned in the zine as well as the producer/manager of the official band of CHIAROSCURO: The S.P.R.3.

While it has been published for a surprisingly long time and has occaisionally been somewhat entertaining CHIAROSCURO is generally known for launching the career of Bradley Sands, the only author to have his debut novel ("It Came From Below the Belt") finished by his clone following his death in a bloody humus "accident."