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CHIAROSCURO has been published in the Salt Lake City, UT area since November 2002. It was published monthly for the first year and now is published roughly quarterly.

CHIAROSCURO is supposedly edited by a mysterious homemade Cabbage Patch Kid known as Tony and the vast majority of its contents are created by his two minions: "Eric blair" and another person who changes his pen name nearly every issue, he has often refered to himself as "Hacim Mortsmlam." Tony, the editor, is also the first prophet of MotherCat - the godlike figure of the "y-not" religion which is often mentioned in the zine as well as the producer/manager of the official band of CHIAROSCURO: The S.P.R.3.


While it has been published for a surprisingly long time and has occasionally been somewhat entertaining, CHIAROSCURO is generally known for launching the career of Bradley Sands, the only author to have his debut novel ("It Came From Below the Belt") finished by his clone following his death in a bloody humus "accident."

The 28th issue was completed at the beginning of October '06, the following is the official press release:


It's taken nearly six months, but here it is!!! CHIAROSCURO 28 in all of it's glory! In it you will find the Chiaroscuronic Manifesto, if you know where to look that is! Tony responds to as many letters as possible! Hacim Mortsmlam gives you a much needed guide through the Super Mario Brothers video game. Eric Blair shouts "S.L.C. R.I.P." CHIAROSCURO's favorite son returns to suckle at MotherCat's teet with his "Abridged Version." Published author Kevin Dole the 2nd fills some space with his poem, "Day Gone." Looking for adventure, action, thrills, spills, and laughs? Well, look no further than the fun adventures of Detective Toast and Cabinet Boy, the boy-cabinet, in Martin J. DeKay's newest comic strip to date! Dr. Finchler desires tech support, of any kind! Learn of your own terrible fate by absorbing "The Chiaroscopes." On the off-hand chance that you don't already want to send us your money, check out page 10!!!

For anybody outside of the s.l.c. - paypal $2 to and we'll send you a very special copy of issue 28 as well as a bonus back issue chosen at random!

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