Chemical Imbalance

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Chemical Imbalance was published by Mike McGonigal from 1984 to 1995. In 2000 in the Seattle Weekly McGonigal described his zine... "It was kind of a big deal at its peak (circulation 8,000), at least in the indie-rock world. C.I. expanded the definition of what a fanzine could be, covering punk rock, free jazz, comic art, art brut, and "transgressive" writing from its very first issue. (I didn't know what the rules were in the first place, so I wasn't aware until later that I'd broken them.)"

Each issue of Chemical Imbalance was packed full of writing and comics. The final issue included CD with bands like Built to Spill, Low Barlow and the Grifters. McGonigal went on to writing books and reviews for CDNow and Raygun.