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Checkpoint was a science fiction newsletter published by Peter Roberts, then Darroll Pardoe, and then Ian Maule.

Checkpoint was published in the UK in the 1970s. Peter Roberts published the zine from April 1971 till April 1974, when Darroll Pardoe assumed editorship. He remained editor till December 1975, at which point Ian Maule took over till September 1976 when Peter Roberts returned as editor and continued to publish Checkpoint till September 1979.

Contributors of news included Harry Bell (Grimwab), Ron Bennett (Skyrack), Eric Bentcliffe, Gerald Bishop, Graham Boak (Badinage), Joanne Burger, Lisa Conesa (Zimri), Malcolm Edwards, Bryn Fortey, Jim Goddard, Roberta Gray (Vagary), David Grigg, Gerd Hallenberger, Phillippe Hupp, Jan jansen, Jerry Kaufman (The Spanish Inquisition), Mary Legg (Crabapple), Ethel Lindsay (Scottishe), Jim Linwood (Typo), Harry Nadler, Rosemary Pardoe (Wark), Hartley Patterson, Philip Payne, John Piggot, Ben Prole, Brian Robinson, Dave Rowe, Daniel Say, Nick Shears, Bob Smith, Phil Spencer, Tony Triggs, D. West, Peter Weston (Speculation), and Ian Williams.

Art work was contributed by Harry Bell, Carl Bennett (Scintillation), John D. Berry, Dany Frolich, Mike Gilbert, Alexis Gilliland, Bill Kunkel (Rats!), Barry Kent McKay, Bill Rotsler, Stu Shiffman, and Don West.

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