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*[[Bite Size]]
*[[Bite Size]]
*[[Fat Girl]]
*[[Fat Girl]]
*[[Girl Frenzy]]

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Charlotte Cooper is a writer, activist and zinester from the UK.

Charlotte Cooper is the editor of a number of zines. Her first zine was a collaboration with boyfriend Simon Murphy, himself the editor of the zines Girly and Attack on Bereznik. The two produced the comic zine All Right. Two issues were released.

Her next zine was Kink. This free zine was described on the front cover as a "queer grrrl sex zine". It contained Cooper's writing, either as articles, critiques, or more personal writing; also included were interviews, pranks and comics. The zine ran for ten issues.

As well, she has made eighteen one shot zines. All titles consist of one word, and they are; Beefer, Dad, Dead, Dumb, Found, Fuck, Junk, Love, Norge, Nut, Scott, Sing, Spa, Spice, Stratford, Versace, Village and Womyn. The title Village made its way into Jason Barker's 1999 film Subterranean Homesick Blues.

She has also collaborated with girlfriend Kay on the minizine Cakey. As well, she released the comic zine Best Friends.

Charlotte has contributed to a number of zines, including Fat Girl, GirlFrenzy and Bite Size. She also writes for a number of magazines, including Diva, On Our Backs, Cheap Date, The Skinny and others. Cooper is also the author of two books. One of these books, Cherry, has the distinction of being impounded at the border by Canadian Customs and banned in Canada.



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As Contributor


  • Fat and Proud: The Politics of Size, 1998
  • Cherry, 2002

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