Charles Wells

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Charles Wells is a fanzine publisher from the U.S.A.

Charles Wells published three science fiction fanzines: Fiendetta in the 1950's and Cadenza and Trill. (the period is part of the title) in the 1960's. He also guest edited the last issue of Quandry.

Charles Wells began his fan published career with Fiendetta. At least fourteen issues were released from September 1952 to 1956. In the Autumn of 1953 he also published a single page newsletter, known to fans at that time as a "Snapzine", called Grey. In 1961 he returned to fanzine publishing with his tileCadenza, a mimeographed fanzine, published in North Carolina, U.S.A. 11 issues were released, with issue 2 released in May 1961, and issue 11 appearing in May 1965.