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*[http://www.myspace.com/chaotiksrevenge Myspace]  
*[http://www.myspace.com/chaotiksrevenge Myspace]  
[[Category:Zine]] [[Category:2000's publications]] [[Category:Zines from the Netherlands]] [[Category:Punk]]
[[Category:Zine]] [[Category:2000's publications]] [[Category:Zines from the Netherlands]] [[Category:Punk]] [[Category:Alcoholism]]

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Chaotik's Revenge is a punk zine made by Marit in Rotterdam. Issue 3 (spring 2007) is 24 pages, A5 sized and photocopied black and white. It features interviews with the two bands 69 Charger and The Shining, a scene report from Guildford, music reviews and articles about sexual abuse and alcoholism.

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