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Challenger is a science fiction fanzine by Guy H. Lillian III.

Challenger is published in Shreveport, Louisiana, U.S.A.

Contributors of writing include Kevin Anderson, James Bacon (Journey Planet), Greg Benford, Sheryl Birkhead, Warren Buff, Richard Dengrove, Dennis Dolbear, Kurt Erichson, Mike Estabrook, Chris Garcia (The Drink Tank), Alexis Gilliland, Mike Glyer (File 770), Joseph Green, Mary Ann van Hartesveldt, Laura Haywood-Cory, Craig Hilton, Earl kemp (Destiny), Linda Krawecke (Start Breaking Up), Rose-Marie Lillian, Nicki Lynch (Mimosa), Rich Lynch (Mimosa), Joseph Major (Alexiad), Don Markstein, Julia Morgan-Scott, Evelyn Nelson, Jerry Page (Si-Fan), Cathy Palmer-Lister (Warp), Curt Phillips, Charlotte Proctor (Anvil), Jerry Proctor, John Purcell (Askance), Peggy Ranson, Mike Resnick, Gary R. Robe, Lezli Robyn, Steven Silver (Argentus), Olivia Spooner, Shelby Vick (Confusion), Taral Wayne (DNQ), T.F.K. Weisskopf Reinhardt, Susan Whitmore, John Widmer, Charlie Williams,

Controbutors of art work include Elizabeth Atkinson, Sheryl Birkhead, Jerry Burge (Si-Fan), Kayla Callahan, Randy Cleary, Jerry Collins, Liz Copeland, Kurt Erichsen, Brad Foster, Dany Frolich, Alexis Gilliland, Craig Hilton, Alan Hutchinson, Frank Kelly-Freas, Julia Morgan-Scott, Peggy Ranson, William Rotsler, Steve Stiles, Rosalyn Watson, Taral Wayne, Charlie Williams, Wally Wood, and Patricia Yeates.

Covers have been by Sheryl Birkhead, John Dell, Brad Foster, Frank Kelly-Freas, Ken Mitcheroney, Susan Russell, Taral Wayne, Alan White.

Also included have been reprints from Lee Hoffman, and Bob Tucker, from Quandry.