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Chainbreaker is published by Shelley Jackson of New Orleans, LA. Issue #4 is the latest issue of the zine, and an Anthology is coming soon.

Chainbreaker focuses on bike culture and the general love of bicycles. Shelley works as a bike mechanic in NOLA. Issues have given readers tips on fixing flats as well as general maintenance of ones ride. There is also information about the Plan B bike project in New Orleans which is run by volunteers and open to the public. Shelley discusses her experiences with being a woman cyclist as well as a bike mechanic and the harassment that goes along with both.

Shelley also published New Orleans...My Love which was about her experiences in Post-Katrina New Orleans and A Rough Guide to Bicycle Maintenance which is a user friendly diy guide to fixing your bicycle.

Chainbreaker is one of the twenty zines featured in the book Stories Care Forgot: An Anthology of New Orleans Zines, edited by Ethan Clark, with an introduction by John Gerken, published by Last Gasp in 2006. The book reproduces work from the zines and also included individual editors' experiences of Hurricane Katrina. Proceeds form the sale of the book went to grass roots groups working in New Orleans.