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Chainbreaker is published by Shelley Jackson of New Orleans, LA. Issue #4 is the latest issue of the zine, and an Anthology is coming soon.

Chainbreaker focuses on bike culture and the general love of bicycles. Shelley works as a bike mechanic in NOLA. Issues have given readers tips on fixing flats as well as general maintenance of ones ride. There is also information about the Plan B bike project in New Orleans which is run by volunteers and open to the public. Shelley discusses her experiences with being a woman cyclist as well as a bike mechanic and the harassment that goes along with both.

Shelley also published New Orleans...My Love which was about her experiences in Post-Katrina New Orleans and A Rough Guide to Bicycle Maintenance which is a user friendly diy guide to fixing your bicycle.

Chainbreaker is one of the twenty zines featured in the book Stories Care Forgot: An Anthology of New Orleans Zines, edited by Ethan Clark. The book reproduces work from the zines and also included individual editors' experences of Hurricane Katrina.