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cee jacob cee is the pen name of a kid named cory. he makes minicomics and zines for money which he spends on cigarettes and poptarts.

cee jacob cee is from New Baltimore, Michigan. He the creator of the minicomic What makes you so special and one of the co-editors of Better! magazine. cee jacob cee is currently working on a comic about his stay in a mental hospital. cory's parents are ass holes and dont like him very much because he steals and likes loud fun music and he says "you'll never really help me in life" and other mean things. cory's dad is a really big douche bag. he's actually known to have cheated on his wife numerous times and has grounded his son cory from making comics and zines.

cee jacob cee is currently 17, and is living at home with his parents though he doesnt want to, and at the moment he is grounded.

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