Carlton Mellick III

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Carlton Mellick III

Carlton Mellick III (born July 2nd, 1977) is an author currently residing in Portland, OR. He is the originator of 'avant-punk'; a style of writing combining bizarre punk fantasy with sacrilegious satire. He is currently the chief proponent of the 'bizarro' movement in underground literature with Steve Aylett, Kenji Siratori and D. Harlan Wilson.

His work has been described as dark, surreal, sacrilegious, twisted and intelligent. His novels emphasise nightmarish absurdity and social satire. They explore surreal versions of earth, in current times and imagined futures. Over 80 of his stories have appeared in zines, online journals, chapbooks, and anthologies.


  • Sex and Death in Television Town (2006)
  • Punk Land (2005)
  • Ocean Of Lard (w. Kevin L. Donihe 2005)
  • The Menstruating Mall (2005)
  • Fishyfleshed (2004)
  • The Baby Jesus Butt Plug: A Fairytale (2004)
  • Teeth and Tongue Landscape (2003)
  • The Steel Breakfast Era (2003)
  • Razor Wire Pubic Hair (2003)
  • Electric Jesus Corpse (2002)
  • The Wire Mesh Mongoloid (2002)
  • Satan Burger (2001)
  • The Infant Vending Machine (2001)
  • Sunset With A Beard (2000)


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