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Issue 3 1955
Cover art by Randy Jason

Caprice was a science fiction fanzine by Marie-Louise Share.

Caprice was published in the 1950s in Danville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. It was an apazine, distributed through the Offtrails Magazine Publishers Association, known as OMPA.

Issue 1 was 8 pages, and published in September 1954, for the first mailing of OMPA.

Issue 2 was 10 pages, released in Winter 1954 for the second mailing of OMPA. The cover art work was by Plato Jones.

Issue 3, consisting of 8 pages, came out in 1955 for the third mailing of OMPA. The cover art work was by Randy Jason.

In January 1953, Marie-Louise Share also released Cameo, co-edited with Gene Ward, which included art work by Nancy Share and a prose poem by W. Paul Ganley as 'Toby Duane'.

Mare-Louise Share also published Hodge-Podge with her sister Nancy Share during the 1950s. From September 1953 to October 1955, at least 15 issues were released.