Cane toad warrior

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Cane toad warrior (2000-?) is a cut and paste zine from Queensland, Australia.


  • No. 12 (December 2005): features interviews with Bewilderbomb, Staying at Home, Unpaid Debt, Crimespree, Extra Limb, Leslie Morris and Furious Styles.
  • No. 14 (April 2006): features interviews with The Dead Walk, Twin City Faction, Chaz. H. Scally and Onslaught.
  • No. 15 (October 2006): The Degrassi Special / Hutt River Province Special
  • No. 16 (November 2006): Includes an interview with Lungs and The Quickening
  • Xmas Special
  • No. 17 (February 2007): features an edited transcript of the author's adventures on an American-based Christian internet messageboard.

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