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Campfire Issue Two

Campfire is a pop culture zine published in San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Released in the 1990's, there are no editors or publishers listed anywhere, or any information other than a P.O. Box on the back of the zine. Instead each issue consists of essays, articles, interviews and stories from a queer male perspective.

Issue one is four inches by eleven inches, with a green card stock cover that lists the included contents as: "Dennis Cooper Asks "What Is God?"; Wayne Davidson Explores Minogue Mania; John Huston Interviews Saint Etienne's Bob Stanley; Jeffery Kennedy Rescues ABBA; Johnny Noxzema's Guide To New York; Kurt B. Reighley - Pornography And Me."

Issue two is five inches by five inches, with a yellow card stock cover that lists these contents: "Wayne Davidson: Absolutely Fabulous; Gary Gregerson Visits New Wave City; John Huston Interviews The Magnetic Fields' Stephen Merrit; Jeffery Kennedy And Madonna Dreams; Kurt B. Reighley Says No To Dating; Matt Wobensmith On Tour With Pansy Division; PLUS A Thrilling Johnnie Ray Photo Spread". This issue concludes with a quote from Damon Albarn of the band Blur.