Butt Ugly

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Butt Ugly was a zine by Cory, published in Wisconsin, U.S.A.

First released in 1990 and running till 1998, Butt Ugly was a punk zine, reporting on the local scene in and around Wisconsin especially, but also on national punk happenings. It also included interviews with bands, and live show, recording and zine reviews.

After a few issues had been released, editor Cory wrote about being queer, stating that he didn't want that to be the focus of his zine, and that he would continue putting out a punk zine. However, the content of the zine was strongly anti-homophobic. Issue 4 included an interview with Johnny Noxzema of Bimbox.

Issue 6 included an interview with Born Against and an Antischism tour diary.

Cory was later in the hardcore band Protestant.